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Dr Bernard E Frantz DMD has been successfully treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with Mandibular Advancement Devices since 1995. A member of the AADSM (American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine) Dr. Frantz is a graduate of University of Scranton and Temple University School of Dentistry 1993. Dr. Frantz has lectured at the Geisinger Henry Hood Sleep Symposiums at Geisinger Danville, Geisinger South and Geisinger Baltimore Drive on the Parameters of Sleep Medicine. He has instructed other dentists on the proper choices of the over 60 different FDA approved OSA devices.

What sets us apart from other offices is our commitment and our follow up to patient care. This has allowed us to see great success in treating and curing sleep apnea. Most of our referrals come from physicians and patients we have treated for OSA.


Obstructive Sleep Apnea is caused by the collapse of the airway during sleep. The muscles, including those that control the tongue and throat, and soft tissues fall against the back of the throat and constrict the airway. The Mandibular Advancement Device repositions the lower jaw forward to prevent the tongue and soft tissues from blocking the airway allowing the patient to breathe on their own.


The treatment goals include a reduction in high blood pressure, prevention of stroke and heart disease. Increase in oxygen concentration in the blood. Less work related injuries and automobile accidents, fatigue, daytime sleepiness and lack of concentration.


15+ Independent studies demonstrate the Mandibular Advancement Device’s significant benefits. 91% of patients who wear the device report improvement in sleep quality. Studies demonstrate a reduction in blood pressure, improvement in sleep quality, less fatigue and improvement quality if life. Patients who use the device describe their experience as “life-changing”.


A comprehensive and thorough exam allows us to determine the best device to begin your treatment. Fitting the device, to properly start advancing the lower jaw comes next. We follow up with patients over the year adjusting their device to what is best for their level of apnea. This commitment of time and knowledge allows us to achieve our goal of helping each individual patient get more oxygen and a better night sleep. Curing each patient is our goal.

Sleep Apnea Appliances


Sleep apnea is a serious, sometimes fatal medical disorder that affects around 10% of American men over the age of 40, and 6% of American women of the same age.  Sleep apnea sufferers completely stop breathing during sleep, sometimes hundreds of times in a single night.  Normal breathing ceases because the airway becomes obstructed, causing a serious reduction of airflow to the lungs.

There are a number of dental devices that can be used to alleviate this condition. The goal of most of these devices is to separate the jaws and push them forward slightly.  This slight repositioning opens up the airway, and allows oxygen to flow freely again.  Wearers of sleep apnea dental devices report that they stop loud snoring, feel more rested in the daytime, and are much more comfortable going to sleep. They offer a viable alternative to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

Sleep apnea appliances fall into two categories: fixed and adjustable.  Here are brief descriptions of some commonly used sleep apnea dental appliances:

Somnodent Flex

SomnoDent Flex is made with unique SMH BFlex material, Flex has a soft inner liner which maintains retention and offers premium patient comfort. Drop in fit – even for patients with short teeth, little undercut or crown / bridge work. SMH BFlex is a proprietary soft polymer that is molecularly bonded to the acrylic device. The material will not delaminate or attract odors. 

TAP® 3 (Thornton Adjustable Positioner)

The TAP® 3 is the smallest, most comfortable member of the TAP family.  It is a two-part custom-created sleep apnea appliance that fits over the teeth in much the same way as a sports mouthguard.  The TAP® 3 projects the jaw forward to prevent the tongue and soft tissues from impeding the airway.  The lower jaw positioner is adjustable, which means that it can be altered to suit the comfort level of the wearer.  The TAP® 3 appliance can accommodate the three main types of malocclusion, and allows the lips to fully close.

OASYS Appliance

The OASYS appliance is designed to move the base of the tongue toward the front of the mouth by gently repositioning the jawbone (mandible).  This shift opens the oropharynx and strengthens the upper airway.  An extension of the upper shield projects toward the nose, creating a larger nasal opening and less resistance to normal airflow.  This adjustable appliance is comfortable to wear and extremely patient friendly.

KlearwayTM Appliance

The KlearwayTM Appliance is generally used to alleviate obstructive sleep disorder and eliminate snoring.  The patient or dentist can project the jaw forwards in increments of .25mm at a time.  This ensures maximum comfort for the sleeper.  The KlearwayTM appliance is made from VariflexTM heat softening acrylic, which makes it easier to insert.  Running warm water over the appliance makes it pliable, but once placed in the desired position, the acrylic hardens again.

Herbst Telescopic Appliance

The Herbst appliance is held in the mouth by clasps and friction grips.  It is made of acrylic, and contains adjustable metal wiring.  The advantage of this appliance is that the wearer is able to move vertically and laterally without dislodging the appliance.  The Herbst appliance is usually used in mild and moderate cases of sleep apnea, and can also alleviate loud snoring effectively.

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Additional Resources

Please download and fill out the Somnomed dental sleep questionnaire. Bring the filled out questionnaire to your dental appointment.



"The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They use great technology and take their time to provide high quality results with all their services including x-rays, cleanings, crowns, etc. They also specialize in treating sleep apnea with oral appliances such as the one called ClearDream. It has two parts that are custom fit to go on your upper and lower teeth. As you wear ClearDream while you sleep, it keeps your airway open. This appliance is very effective and so easy to maintain. The greatest thing about ClearDream is you do not need to use a CPAP machine! I really appreciate all the care I receive from Frantz Dental.

Ryan A. 

"By using the Clear Dream mouth guard I believe my whole quality of life has improved. I wake more rested as I no longer find myself gasping for breath during the night. I can once again sleep on my back without my wife worrying. Medically, I understand there is less stress on my heart and body with this improved flow of oxygen. I even use Clear Dream naps. I highly recommend!"

Richard A Fehrle


"After a very frustrating and unsuccessful experience with CPAP I was grateful to find Frantz Dental and the Clear Dream appliance. Gone are the headaches and morning fatigue. Dr Frantz and every staff member I met were helpful, informative, professional, and friendly. This has truly been a very positive experience that ha made a difference in both my sleeping and waking hours. I highly recommend Frantz Dental and the Clear Dream device."

Donna Podrazik

"I have been using the Clear Dream sleep apnea appliance for a month and have noticed a vast improvement in my quality of sleep. I could not adjust to CPAP or BIPAP machines, so an oral appliance was the only option. One of the top conveniences is that it is very portable. I can sleep anywhere and not have to worry about carting a machine around. Dr. Frantz and his staff are terrific and did an excellent job ensuring that I had a good and comfortable fit from the start. I would highly recommend the Clear Dream appliance to anyone who cannot tolerate CPAP or BIPAP."

Carol Dean

"I struggled using a CPAP for over a year. My sleep apnea doctor then recommended I try using an oral device. Dr Frantz recommended the Clear Dream oral device. I have been using it for about 2 years and it has been a night and day difference from using a CPAP. I get a solid 6-7 hours of restful sleep. It is so easy to use compared to a CPAP. It is also easy to clean. I highly recommend it!"

Kevin Cook


"After over 18 years of continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) with a ResMed device I was fitted for a Clear Dream Appliance to treat my sleep apnea by Dr. Frantz.  The results have been truly life changing. No longer do I need to deal with leaks, nose bridge abrasions or check rashes from the mask, transporting the CPAP device whenever I traveled,  or finding sterile water when arriving at my destination.  I immediately adapted to the use of the device using it for 8 hours the first night. Dr. Frantz’s and his staff’s confidence in the device as well as his knowledge of sleep apnea provided me the confidence to risk the investment. I have no regrets and appreciate the thorough follow-up care."


Robert W. Naismith, Ph.D.


"Being a sleep apnea sufferer for over 10 years, I know what daily fatigue is all about. I tried using a C-pap machine for months. It only succeeded in keeping me awake. My primary physician referred me to Dr. Frantz. That advice was life changing. I was fitted with a Clear Dream appliance which I wear every night. I don’t worry about getting a good night’s sleep anymore. Thank you Dr. Frantz."

Wayne Kropa 

"Suspecting sleep apnea, my family doctor arranged a sleep test. Surely enough, I was headed toward the use of a CPAP device and I knew  I could not tolerate such a device.

As an alternative, my family doctor suggested I see Dr. Frantz.

Without my sleep test results Dr Frantz could not fit me for a Clear Dream appliance. But given the results he fit me for the set of upper and lower devices that open my airway.

Clear Dream is REMARKABLE! I use an app on my phone called Snore lab. It records my “snore scores” and it is pure proof of the effectiveness of my Clear Dream. Historical scores when I have my Clear Dream in my mouth at night are less than 10, usually 4-5, meaning I am sleeping undisturbed by airway restrictions, aka snoring. As proof of it’s effectiveness I could not use the Clear Dream for a time in late June because I was in the process of getting a crown. During that time my snore scores shot up to as high as 50. It was a dramatic, measurable difference and it proves the effectiveness of this wonderful, tolerable appliance."

I highly recommend the Clear Dream to anyone!

Howard Griggs

"Dr. Frantz and his staff are terrific! I was referred to Dr. Frantz by my ENT to see if a mouth appliance for sleep apnea would work for me. Dr Frantz gave me all the information and I decided to try it. I am totally satisfied with the results. Recently I needed a crown. My dentist had no openings until November. I called Dr. Frantz’s office and got an appointment the same day! I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with Dr. Frantz!"

Susan Sands, Dallas PA

I have used the ClearDream dental appliance prescribed by Dr. Frantz for my sleep apnea for several years with outstanding results. Testing reveals the device has been highly effective in reducing my apneas and I have been able to discontinue use of my CPAP machine. The appliance is quiet, portable, comfortable, and adjustable. I highly recommend it.

Steve Laracy

On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience with Frantz Dental Is a "12". I have been overwhelmed by the professionalism, courtesy and overall culture of service. I couldn't be more pleased and I will recommend it to any who is interested.

Said Douaihy

I am sleeping much longer and sounder. I am not frequently getting up in the middle of the night.

Douglas Douaihy

I was never able to adjust to using a CPAP. I was very interested in an alternative and the Clear Dream oral device did the trick. I have no problem using it and the results were overnight. I would highly recommend Dr Frantz and using the Clear Dream as an alternative to a CPAP.

Stephen Betts

Efficacious in treating mild sleep apnea. Comfortable, easy to clean and much more convenient than traditional CPAP therapy. I would strongly recommend this application for any appropriate patient.

Paul Witt

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