Professional Teeth Whitening in Kingston & Wilkes-Barre

Teeth that are yellowed give off the impression of poor health and oral hygiene. At Frantz Dental, we help our patients brighten discolored teeth with several forms of teeth whitening and non-bleaching reconstructive options for those who qualify. The whitening solutions we offer are available both in our Kingston office, and to take home.


Zoom!® Teeth Whitening in Kingston

For good reason, Zoom!® teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments currently available. This whitening procedure, available with our Kingston family dentist, is based around the whitening gel and UV light. The gel used in the Zoom!® treatment is made with hydrogen peroxide, which, when activated by the ultraviolet light, allows oxygen to enter and bleach the enamel of the teeth.Patients can expect in-office appointments to be over within an hour, with their teeth up to six shades brighter than before. While some post-treatment sensitivity can be expected, our office uses a desensitizing solution to increase patient comfort.

Optic White

For our patients looking to brighten their teeth according to their own schedule, we also offer Colgate® Optic White. These take-home trays are an excellent solution for home whitening at your own pace, with results visible after only three days. These trays can also be used to maintain the brightness after undergoing Zoom!® treatment in our Kingston dental practice.

Non-Bleaching Options

Frantz Dental is dedicated to providing patients with every possible solution to aesthetic dental problems. For patients with intrinsic discoloration or stains that are otherwise too ingrained to be affected by bleaching treatments, we also offer porcelain veneers.

With only light buffing, veneers are placed over the natural structure of the tooth, providing you with the ideal appearance for your smile. This treatment is made using ADA-approved dental porcelain, ensuring that your new smile will last. This bleach-free whitening procedure our Kingston family dentist offers patients also avoids the sensitivity that many feel after whitening treatments.

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