Why are my Teeth Stained?

While most patients are familiar with the possibility that their smile can discolor, many are unaware that certain kinds of smile staining come from within the tooth itself. At Frantz Dental, our Kingston dentists provide patients with multiple options for teeth whitening, both intrinsic and extrinsic to your smile. 

Extrinsic Staining

Extrinsic tooth discoloration is the type of dental staining that most people are familiar with. This sort of staining occurs with the consumption of food and drink such as coffee, red wine, and sodas. Your teeth are also susceptible to staining through activities like smoking, which not only yellows your teeth but opens your smile up to gingival disease as well.

External dental stains can be avoided by drinking darker beverages through a straw, minimizing their contact with the teeth, brushing after every meal, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking. If you have already experienced stains from these activities, dental bleaching treatments can help you regain a white, aesthetic smile. At Frantz Dental, we offer these in-office and take-home whitening solutions to patients through Zoom!® Teeth whitening, helping patients regain their smile’s original whiteness.

Intrinsic Staining

Though many are familiar with traditional teeth whitening procedures and avoiding external staining of their smile, preventing and treating intrinsic staining are rarely considered. Intrinsic staining often occurs due to the use of certain medicines, dental trauma, and decay, or a mixture of these conditions. Fluoride, while beneficial in preventing disease, can also lead to tooth discoloration in children who are exposed to more than the necessary amount. Prenatal and childhood use of tetracycline (a common antibiotic used for acne and skin infections) can also lead to internal teeth staining.

Other common causes of smile discoloration are injuries or dental traumas. In such circumstances, the decay of the pulp or the presence of clotted blood will discolor darken the enamel. Whether from medicine or injury, ordinary bleaching treatments will not be able to whiten intrinsically stained teeth. For patients who have experienced internal staining of the tooth, our Kingston dentist offers porcelain veneers. These porcelain shells are bonded to your teeth, correcting any intrinsic discoloration of your smile.

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